Optimal HERMES System architecture

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Click for large photograph (~40kB)The Utility Agent Maneuvers close to the client spacecraft in view of an Escort Agent

The project addresses on-orbit needs of satellite manufacturers and operators in a phased manner. The proposed HERMES system Architecture consists of five synergetic elements and leverages through utilization of the existing satellites.

The synergetic elements are:
The Utility Base (UB),
The Utility Agent (UA),
The Escort Agent (EA),
The Engine Module (EM).
A new family of Recoverable / Reusable Apogee Kick Motors (RA).

The utilization of the existing satellite assets is effected by making use of up-link channels of existing satellites, in order to obtain on Earth real time video, of good quality, during the critical docking phase, at very low link budget requirements for the UA. Another patended way of capitalizing on the existing satellite assets is the use of the Tele-command link of the CS in order to control an EM or other spacecraft in proximity.

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