The utilization of existing Satellite assets

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Click for large photograph (~40kB)The process of attaching an Engine module viewed by the camera of the Escort Agent

An important characteristic of the HERMES system architecture is the utilization of existing Satellite assets.

  • Up-Link channels of a CS:

    A utility Agent and/or Escort Agent may use one Up-link channel of the client spacecraft, (while in proximity), in order to relay real-time camera video signals required during docking phase or inspection procedure.

  • Tele-command channel of a CS:

    The standard TT&C chanel of the Client Spacecraft may be used to port towards the EM the commands required for the operation or reconfiguration of the EM. The EM can easily capture these commands by listening to the stream of Telemmetry as this is echoed by the telemetry channel back towards the Earth.

    It is noted that the standard ECHO command is echowed always back on Earth and it has normaly an empty data field which however can be employed to carry data for the Engine Module

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