ON-ORBIT Servicing

Currently we offer consultancy support regarding maintainability, serviceability and refuelability aspects for new satellites, at the various stages of their development, from RFQ preparation, to design, manufacturing, and deployment to orbit. There are small interventions of high value along the procurement cycle of satellites which can reduce or mitigate many risks, the associated insurance premium and ensure unhindered business continuity.

Further, through the HERMES project, which is under development, we will be able to offer in a time frame of 2-3 years a number of services to the benefit of satellite manufacturers and operators.

On-Orbit Servicing capabilities by HERMES

  • Inspection in GEO
  • Inclination correction
  • Relocation (East-West)
  • Re-orbiting at EOL
  • Orbit raising
  • Refueling
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